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Summer 2024
CORE Internship Applications

Our Summer 2024 CORE internship will run from June 3rd - August 9th.
If you have questions please contact Xin Wang or Andrea Navarrete Vargas.

Deadline: April 1st, 2024 @ midnight


Are you interested in doing hands-on biology research this summer? CCOP invites you to apply for a paid summer  internship where you will conduct research in a Stanford Biosciences or Biology laboratory. During this full-time position (40 hrs/wk for 10 weeks), you will work closely with a lab mentor on exciting topics such as embryonic development, stem cells, tissue regeneration, cancer, neuroscience, metabolism, gene regulation, or evolution.

Deadline: April 1st, 2024 @ midnight


This summer, CCOP will support several community college (CC) students for paid, full-time research internships. We are recruiting lab mentors across the Stanford Biosciences and Biology departments.   Mentors will gain valuable teaching experience and make an impact on their mentees' path in STEM. Please join us in promoting equality and increasing talent and diversity within the scientific community!

Bootcamp Applications

Dates have not yet been set for the Summer 2024 bootcamp, but the six-week virtual program usually runs from 2:15 - 4 PM on Thursdays from early July to mid-August. For any questions or more information regarding the Bootcamp, please visit this page or contact Liesl Strand.

Mentee application not available yet.

Please check again in Spring 2024.
Are you transferring in the next year and working on writing your personal statement questions? Are you applying for an internship/scholarship? Are you looking for hands-on mentorship in building career skills for science?
Join your peers and Stanford mentors for our Summer Career Development Bootcamp to hone career skills and build your STEM community.

Mentor application not available yet.

Please check again in Spring 2024.
Do you enjoy editing and helping others improve their own writing? Are you interested in improving your mentorship, teaching, and leadership skills? Want to help community college students succeed in STEM?
Become a mentor for CCOP's summer Professional Development & Transfer Preparation Bootcamp to support community college students in scientific career development and help them gain skills useful for future transfer applications.

Internship Host Labs

We are recruiting host labs year-round. If you are a principal investigator interested in hosting research interns during the academic year or for the summer term, please email us at or contact our leadership team.


If you cannot mentor this term but would like to in the future, please let us know here.

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