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Day of Science

Day of Science is CCOP's annual celebration of STEM, research, and DEIB that takes place at the College of San Mateo (CSM) in collaboration with CSM's Mathematics, Engineering, Science, and Achievement (MESA).

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CCOP held its second Day of Science on April 20th, 2024 at the Bayview Room of College of San Mateo. This year, the event attracted over 130 people and featured our keynote speaker Dr. Steve Lee who discussed the importance of belonging in STEM. We also heard exciting presentations about research and academic journeys from both CORE interns and Stanford trainees, as well as an intriguing panel discussing STEM careers. Thank you to Olivia Viveros (CSM MESA director), Sandra Rodriguez (Canada College Counselor) Edrina Rashidi (Mission College MESA Director), and Kristin Martin (West Valley College LAEP Director). For more information, please see the itinerary and speaker list for Day of Science 2024.

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CCOP held its first Day of Science on April 29th, 2023 and the event attracted over one hundred attendees, including community college students, CCOP leadership members, and CSM professors. We featured talks from previous CORE research interns, as well as Stanford trainees and assistant professor Dr. Lauren O'Connell. We were so grateful to have remarks from a very special guest: CSM's president Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza. Other exciting events included a poster session, Q&A panels, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and even a raffle!  We are sincerely grateful for CSM's MESA director, Olivia Viveros, and the rest of the MESA leadership team for their efforts and support in making this event a success. 

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Photo Credits: Gino De Grandis and Rahul Vishwa

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