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Bootcamp Students

The Summer 2023 Bootcamp has concluded. If you would like to receive a notification when we open the application for the Summer 2024 bootcamp, please provide your contact information via the interest form below. For any questions or more information regarding the Bootcamp, please contact Liesl Strand.


2023 Leads: Lauren Cote, Sofia Luengo-Woods, and Liesl Strand

More information about mentors and mentees coming soon.


2022 Leads: Teni Ambarchian, Harini Iyer, and Liesl Strand


Andy Akbar
Jonathan Angeles
Araceli Castillo-Sanchez
Diana Castro
Angelique Chan
Casey Chang
Colin Chow
Nhu Dao

Marichuy Fonseca

Drake Gonzales
Abedallah Hammouda
Jane Kuszmaul
Jason Lee
Joyce Lu
Maya Moseley
Trisha Nguyen
Gianna Perez

Avi Rangarajan
Alisha Sinha
Sabrina Truong
Tanvi Waghela
Vivan Waghela
Mike X
Yin Xiang
Clem Zheng


Alessandro Bailetti-Saez
Ewa Bielczyk-Maczynska
Sierra Bowden
Shyam Deo
Jeremy D'Silva

Emily Ebel
Oana Enache
Sarah Frail
Jolie Huang
Phillip Kyriakakis

Lindsey Mehl
Emma O'Connell
Jacob Schwartz
Sarah Stern
Maggie Wang

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